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Coeur d'Alene Ultrasound - Obstetrics

First Trimester Dating Ultrasound

Our first trimester dating ultrasound includes a detailed evaluation of the uterus, including early fetal measurements, fetal heart rate, gestation sac, yolk sac and cervix, as well as the ovaries. Depending on the gestational age of your baby, as well as your clinical history, a transvaginal ultrasound exam may be needed as well. Our radiologist’s report will be generated and emailed to your provider through a secure link, generally within 24 hours. Just give us a call to schedule!

Fetal Anatomic ‘Level 2’ Survey (19 – 25 weeks gestation)

Our Complete Fetal Survey is a detailed assessment of your unborn baby’s anatomy. Careful and correct measurements are obtained of the head, abdomen, femur and humerus to determine fetal age, due date, and weight. Anatomical structures such as the brain, spine, heart, and abdominal organs are evaluated to determine the health of your developing child and to check for problems such as spina bifida, cardiac septal defects, and limb abnormalities. Level 2 fetal surveys include a number of other specific measurements and images for the reading radiologist. All fetal surveys include an evaluation of amniotic fluid, placenta and cervix. Our radiologist’s report will be emailed via secure link to your provider, generally within 24 hours. Give us a call to schedule your fetal survey!

Fetal Viability Confirmation/Limited Scan

Have you already received an early diagnostic ultrasound from your care provider and would you simply like to take a peek? Our very affordable fetal viability scan can offer the reassurance that sometimes only that ‘Doppler heart sound’ can bring. This elective scan is non-medical and very limited in scope and does not come with an MD’s report from our radiologist. We do not practice medicine without a license and therefore we may need to refer customers to our first trimester dating ultrasound, read by our radiologists, if an overall fetal health assessment is what you are seeking. Since most insurance does not cover elective imaging, pricing for our limited fetal viability scan can be found here.

14 Week Fetal Gender Determination

Our time-tested experience combined with our high-resolution ultrasound system can provide you with accurate fetal gender determination at 14 weeks gestation and beyond. Very affordable 2D and 4D gender determination scans are available, as described here on our services page.

4-D in Fetal Imaging

We often use the 4D imaging mode to obtain more life-like images of a baby’s lips and palate area, which can help in assessing for certain abnormalities. For parents interested in whole-body viewing, increasing levels of growth and anatomic detail can be seen from 11-24 weeks. At this stage you can see your baby stretching, kicking and turning in the womb! For truly amazing, life-like detail with new 4D, HD Live technology, we recommend 30 – 34 weeks. This stage of growth allows ideal imaging of your baby’s facial features and chubby cheeks, and sometimes opening eyes, big smiles and sleepy yawns! 4D image clarity depends on different factors such as amniotic fluid level, fetal positioning and the distance from the transducer to the baby. We have extensive experience in 3D/4D imaging and utilize techniques we’ve learned over the years to achieve the clearest images possible. Only two ARDMS-credentialed sonographers, with skills optimized over years in Harvard-affiliated hospitals, perform ultrasound scans at Coeur d’Alene Ultrasound. Some studies have shown that limited 4D ultrasound imaging may increase the maternal-fetal bonding process, arousing many emotional responses from parents and family members and potentially leading to healthier lifestyle choices for mothers during their pregnancy.